What is SMS Marketing and What are The Benefits of SMS Marketing?

It's no secret that building connections with consumers takes time and effort. You can't wait for your customers to come to you if you want to reach them. You must take the initiative and go where they are.

Now, I don't expect (or suggest) you to go knocking on every door of your customers and prospects - that would be insane. You may, however, do the next best thing.

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS Marketing or in other words, Text Marketing stands for short message service marketing. It is a technique that allows businesses and brands to send messages to customers via text. This technique uses text messages to communicate offers, the latest updates about the business, and various other things.

This communication is a one-on-one conversation between a business and a customer.

Types of SMS Marketing-

Welcome Offers- Let's say a customer has engaged with your brand for the first time. Sending him welcome offers as text messages will be a surprise to your customer.

Birthday Discounts- Sending birthday messages to your customer will show your care towards your customer. It shows that you value your customer more than anyone else.Always send an offer that lasts for a few days around their birthday.

Time-sensitive offers- You can also send a lot of time-sensitive offers to your customers. An example of time-sensitive offers is-

THE END IS NEAR!!! Use Code 1901B and get up to 30% off this festive season on most of our products. Click on the Link below. Offer is only valid till 24 hours.

Sending Time-sensitive offers can result in increased sales and awareness for the brand.

Order Confirmation and Shipping Updates- This type of SMS is considered the favorite of all customers. Giving them shipping updates of their order gives them satisfaction and an idea that on which date they will receive their product. It is a great idea to place a link in this type of SMS so that they can check more details about tracking.

Benefits of SMS Marketing-

Consumers Preferred Method of Communication-
Most of the consumers, when asked, preferred text messages as a mode of communication over phone calls. As a consumer, it is the most comfortable way to stay in touch with a business company. One can check the message now or later.

High read rate-
SMS Messages have a high read rate because nowadays mobile phones are accessible and people also carry their mobile phones with them even when they go somewhere out. The delivery rate of text messages is also immediate. Most people even read messages within 3 minutes. Texting too many messages can be a turn-off. So, businesses or brands should message their customers within the limit. A lot of customers can also swipe the notification or open the text message just to get rid of the notification.

SMS Marketing is the most common marketing. It involves sending transactional messages for marketing. Marketers use this type of marketing for communication with their customers and giving them updates about their brand and limited offers of their products and services. A successful SMS Marketing is cost-effective as compared to many other marketing methods. They are also advanced and effective.

Better than Email Marketing-
As compared to email marketing, Text Message marketing is more effective as it gives you a push notification on your phone. Also, the text message will remain in your notifications until you swipe to clear it or read it. Due to this, SMS marketing has higher read rates and benefits over Email marketing.

Learning about your customers-
SMS can provide a great opportunity to know about customers, their taste and preferences and also the problems they face (if any) via surveys. Research shows that more than 30% of the people respond to the surveys via SMS.

What is an SMS Campaign?

Like SMS Marketing, an SMS campaign is a text message sent to a lot of people in bulk, specially for marketing purposes. SMS Campaigns can be helpful in providing essential information to the people.

Importance of SMS Campaign-

Drives customers to take action- SMS campaigns inform people about a limited time to take action, and if anyone wants to take the offer, they should act instantly without giving any second thought. This results in an increase in sales.

Easy and Instant- As people carry mobile phones with themselves all the time, text messages are read within a few minutes after being sent. Due to this, people get more aware about your business and can also result in an increase in sales.

High read rates- SMS campaigns achieve more than 95% of the open rate and a 40% of the response rate.