How Email marketing helps businesses to connect with their customers

Email marketing is a type of digital marketing strategy based on sending emails and developing relationships with clients and prospects. The useful email marketing strategy is used to convert various options into clients and turn multiple first-time buyers into recurring clients. One of the advantages related to email marketing services is that you can automate the full process.

Whether you are a mobile company or a hotel, you can use email marketing to stay top of mind with your audience. Send promotional emails, newsletters etc, to keep customers up-to-date about your business. We, Imperion Infomedia are an Email Marketing agency in India and can help you stay in touch with your customers

Scope of Email Marketing
Based on 2018 data, email marketing is still noted as an effective way to market your channel, SEO, affiliate marketing, and beating social media.

Always remember you are a guest in someone's inbox.

People are bombarded often with pitches, advertisements, and interruptions everywhere they look. Being the owner, you may think that you are unique, but the probability is high that you are just like your user.

It makes it essential to know where you are, and only good manners can bring great results for you. Getting through someone's inbox is like reaching out to them without being invited for dinner.

It's the same with bulk email marketing services. You need to present yourself as in the best of your behavior all the time and remember you are the guest in their inbox.

Phase 1: Seeking Permission:
There has been no email campaign that can be built without seeking permission to get it started. Here we have to focus on an email list. Although there are many ways by which you can do this. Few prefer to give something for free; others can simply offer product updates or newsletters.

You can share a call to action, and here copywriting is most important. Try establishing your credibility from the first email and allowing your people to get interested in receiving them.

Some of the common ways of allowing people to sign up includes:

  • Free downloads
  • Email series
  • Free e-books or white papers
  • Can update lists like product updates and new releases.
  • Make your content enticing and precise and never afraid to promote it over.
Phase 2: Follow up with great content
Do know that email marketing in India is all about setting trends, and if you have a strong call to action or a consistent follow-up, you can have a positive campaign. If you can promise to send an email every week instead of every day, you are setting yourself up for failure.

The reason is people can expect daily updates for your product, and if you can't deliver it daily, you will upset them. This can annoy your regular readers. At times a follow-up email can help you in knowing about your best email marketing efforts.

The email service allows you to explore the option for creating an autoresponder sequence, and you must take due advantage of the same. The initial follow-up email sent to you immediately can be a way to introduce yourself and know about your plans with the new subscriber email addresses. It is suggested to be detailed and long-winded then to be discreet and quick, but if you can pull it off to be concise and fast, you can reach out to the mass audiences.

Benefits of Email Marketing-
Cost-Effective- As compared to many other forms of Marketing, Email Marketing is cost-effective with highest Return on Investments. There are no advertising fees or any other costs.

Permission-based- Only those people will receive email from you who have chosen to receive email communications from you. Customers who are genuinely interested in your products / services are more likely to engage with your business.

Brand Awareness- Emails are one-to-one communication between the business and the customer. Sending regular emails to your customers and showing up in their emails will keep your brands in their minds. This can increase the brand awareness of your product / service.

Measurable- By using Web Analytics software, you can evaluate the success of a marketing campaign. Measuring the effectiveness of a marketing campaign is important. You can easily test different designs to check which is most effective.

Environmentally-Friendly- As compared to direct marketing by postal mail, email marketing is better and environment friendly because nothing is getting printed.

Time-saving- Email Marketing is time saving as compared to other forms of marketing. You can send mails to thousands of customers at a time.

How can you pitch your product?
You can't pull out your email list and start sending emails; you need to engage your clients to make sales. As per your email list, looking ahead for transitioning can provide you with the free value and sneak peek for pitching the product that can be a tricky switch.

It is a good idea for practical reasoning to think in advance about the pitching, especially if you do not want to surprise others via pitching suddenly. Always try to put yourself in the reader's shoes and make a habit of selling often. Always try to understand your client's interests and then start sending your offers in line. If you tend to send blind offers, you can lose permission for keeping doing so.

Every business has its needs, and there are no hard rules about how you can provide or pitch content. Remember that the email list is a permission asset, and it will always be better to play cautiously than to lose and be reckless.

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